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Internet based telephony (VoIP), much hyped, rarely delivered successfully. The technology was inherently unstable in the beginning, and was sold primarily as “free” to use. Luckily, as with so many things in our industry, the technology has evolved into something that does genuinely offer advantages over traditional telephone systems.
It is not “free” to use. It can offer savings, but these saving are not merely cheaper calls. It you already have a high-end internet connection or if your telephone system is very old, then this may well be worth considering. It is also worth considering if you require advanced features such as call recording, follow me calls, and multi-site integration. The main advantage of VoIP over traditional PBX systems in the same price points is flexibility to do what your business needs, out of the box.
Electro-Comm Digital Services has over the past 5 years been involved with VoIP, and has a wealth of experience in installing, migrating and integrating systems. Our Partner, 3CX, provides the class leading software based telephone exchange (PBX) that is feature rich, scalable and reliable. With this system, together with gateway providers VoIP Unlimited, preferred handset manufacturers Snom and networking partners Zyxel, Netgear and Cisco, we can provide competitive quotations for new systems. Why don’t you contact us to discuss your needs?